Why A Streamlined Client Experience Is CRUCIAL To Growing A Thriving Business

Dude, let me deal it to you straight... A streamlined client experience is CRUCIAL to growing a thriving business.

I used to think my business wasn’t different, there were a million people doing what I do and there wasn’t any reason to “reinvent the wheel” when it came to serving my clients. So I did it exactly the way everyone else did it, hardly thinking twice about how my clients experienced my brand.

I couldn’t have been any more wrong!

It wasn’t until a couple of years into my business that I realized not all of my clients were getting the same experience as each other, and if someone referred me to a friend I didn’t want them to talk about the differences in customer service or my process.

>>So I wrote down every interaction someone would have with me and my brand, from the moment they heard my name to 6 months after the project when I sent a follow-up email.<<

I probably don’t have to tell you how much my business took off after that once change, because now I am a die-hard proponent of taking the time to write out the list: what I like to call the Client Experience.

Today, I’m going to my top 3 reasons why you need a client experience (although I have to admit, when writing the outline for this post my list had over a DOZEN reasons!).

Let’s dive in!

1. You stand out amongst the competition.

If you have ever felt like your market is saturated or there's a million people doing what you do, an exceptional client experience is EXACTLY what will make you different *in a good way*!

I love strategizing with my clients how to own their uniqueness and showcase that in little ways in automated onboarding and follow-up emails with their clients. It’s the little things that count!

2. It increases referral rates.

The number one way to grow your business quickly and without spending a ton of money on ads is by encouraging your clients to refer anyone that might need your service. With an unforgettable client experience, you won’t need to ask… They can’t WAIT to tell their friends!

3. A premium experience leads to premium prices!

Friend, white glove service in ANY industry means you can charge what you’re worth… And then some.

You know what’s even better? When the touch points and exceptional follow-up sequence of your client experience is automated… And you can take on twice the clients at double the price! Now we’re talkin’ business. ;)

Would you like to create and automate your unforgettable client experience, but have NO idea where to begin?

I got your back, friend! I have been perfecting this process for years.

Download my free 11-page guide by clicking the link below and watch the referrals and leads start rolling in.