Booked Out VA: How I Turn Followers Into Customers

I started my virtual assistant business in July of 2018 and my business has come a LONG way. I was not successful in the beginning… but today, I am always booked out at least 4 weeks in advance with 3 high-ticket clients per week without using ANY paid ads. Today, we’re chatting about the 4 ways I turn passive Instagram followers into paying customers!

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My Biggest Business Mistake

Recently someone asked me what is the biggest mistake I’ve made in my businesses and I completely ignored the question. Seriously! It’s silly to admit but I completely ignored them because the truth is, I knew EXACTLY what my biggest business mistake is.

I was embarrassed that I let it happen, that it went on for so long, that I didn’t speak up… So today I’m opening up to tell you about my biggest business mistake, in the hopes that you’ll learn from my experience.

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BuzzSprout vs. Libsyn: Which Is The ONLY Podcast Host I'll EVER Recommend

When I first started my podcast, I signed up with Anchor, Pippa, and Libsyn (three major hosting sites you'd find on Google) and to be honest, I was not really impressed by any of them.

Anchor was way confusing and Pippa was expensive, so Libsyn ended up being my podcasting platform for the first few months of my show.

But Libsyn turned out to be a total disaster.

This post will outline the top 3 reasons why BuzzSprout is the ONLY podcasting host I will recommend to my students.

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How I Save While Over 100k In Debt

The average student who took out loans for college in 2018 is $29,800 in debt.

When I read this, I literally thought, “Man, I wish I ONLY had $30k of debt.”

Instead, here is the totally-real figure of MY debt: $112,000.

Overwhelming? Yes. BUT, this year I paid off over $3,000 in credit card debt, I’ve gotten rid of one of my credit cards altogether, AND I have saved over $1,000 this year. Now I know that’s not a “LOT,” but at least I’m saving while in debt. Here’s how I do it.

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Kristi Monte
How To Train A Team

Between my businesses, I have over 20 sub-contractors that I pay regularly. If you had asked me a few years ago if I could picture myself as someone’s “boss” I would have laughed out loud! But I've learned a lot over the years, and today I'm teaching you how I train both client-facing sub-contractors and behind-the-scenes VA's to scale your business.

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Why + How You Should Hire A Personal Brand Photographer

Everyone asks me how I have so many pictures of myself for social media and the answer is always the same: I get quarterly brand photoshoots with my personal brand photographer Weatherly… And she is ahMAzing! Today I’m introducing you to Weatherly while she answers your biggest questions surrounding personal branding. 

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