90 Days To Freedom: A Step-by-step process to building a wildly profitable VIRTUAL ASSISTANT business

Booked out VA


so You’ve waited to start a virtual business because you’re overwhelmed with where to start…


I totally get that. The online world is FULL of so much noise that it can be hard to figure out who and what you should listen to!

So you... 

Listen to the podcasts…

Read the books…

Download the freebies…

Watch the webinars…

And most importantly, you scribble your dreams on bar napkins and in empty notebooks without ever letting them see the light of day.

I mean, starting a business from SCRATCH?!

That’s a challenge, sister. I know because I did it, so I getchu!

 In fact, when I first started my virtual assistant business, it’s almost embarrassing to admit how little I knew about the VA world.

  • What services do I offer?

  • Where do I find clients?

  • How do I price myself?

I had nothing but a Google search bar to guide me in my brand-new business, so I did everything on a trial-and-error basis (emphasis on the error…)

If I was going to do this whole “VA business” thing, I so desperately wanted to do it right.

I spent MONTHS saying “yes” to literally every project that came my way, learning new skills as I went, and using a brand new Instagram account to find clients.

I was overwhelmed, overworked, and underpaid… Working hourly and doing #allthethings for anyone and everyone who came my way…

Finally, one day I figured out a formula for packaging and pricing my services that I hadn’t seen ANY other VA’s using, and my business took off.

I went from charging $15 per hour and working for 10 clients per week to charging $500 for a 5 hour service and working for 3. 

Soon, my calendar was filled up, I was taking on just a few clients per week and booking everyone else weeks in advance.

It took about a year to grow my business to where it was able to replace my full-time income but I eventually got to be a booked out VA, and so will you… 

But with my hand-holding guidance, a community to support you, and tangible formulas to build your empire… What took me 12 months will only take you 3!


Let me introduce you to your 90-day business in a box.

in booked out va, I’m going to teach you the exact process I’ve used to grow my thriving, in-demand VA business so you can personalize it and do the same. 

It’s actually a pretty straight-forward system: 

  1. Build a solid foundation.

This includes things like the legal set-up of your business, tax info, creating and pricing your offers with my proven formula, and setting up your systems. 

2. Get clients + Serve them well.

Learn how to build a following, craft the perfect message and create content so you can easily connect with your followers and turn them into paying clients. 

3. Retain your clients and get referrals.

Nail your sales calls and make your client experience so freakin’ amazing that your people do the marketing for you. 

 Inside of Booked Out VA you are going to RECEIVE:

  • 3 training modules each with 4 sub-sections to walk you through EVERY aspect of setting up your VA business

  • SIX 1:1 coaching calls to talk through your specific strategy and next steps (2 per month) specifically catered to your business and questions

  • Regular daily support and feedback inside of our Slack channel

  • Expert trainings with Jasmine Star, Natalie Gingrich, and Danielle Cevallos

  • Monthly group Q+A calls with our mastermind

  • Inclusion in the VA for a day Directory for my students to follow each other on Instagram, easily find each other’s information to give to clients that inquire about services you don’t offer, connect and network with other virtual assistants who were or are currently in the program

...and a simple, 90-day process full of accountability to get your VA business off the ground. 



Booked Out VA is currently closed for registration. There are only 10 spots in this high-touch, immersive, fail-proof program. Sign up to be notified the SECOND it re-opens in January of 2020!!

become a virtual assistant

 In 3 months…

you will no longer be overwhelmed and underpaid, but thriving and in-demand…

  • Even if you don’t have a social media following

  • Even if you’re not a great writer

  • Even if you’re brand-new to business

  • Even if you’re camera shy

  • Even if you have never invested in yourself before

  • Even if you currently have a full-time job


 “Kristi’s VA Mentorship was beyond helpful and mind-blowing!”

“I could tell that she really cared about my success and wanted to help the best she could. Each call left me with a bunch of new ideas and great information from Kristi. Definitely recommended!”

-Caitlin Hickle

As a part of this program, I can assure you that by the end of our 90 days together, you will:

  • Have a detailed picture of your offerings and prices

  • Be clear on your 2020 goals for your VA business

  • Have created your first email list opt-in and nurture sequence

  • Understand how to organize projects, clients, invoices, and contracts

  • Know how to find clients... Or better yet, have them find you!



I’m Kristi!


ohmygod I’m so excited to mentor you!

I’ve built 5 businesses from the ground up, started a podcast and YouTube channel from scratch, and have designed a life I love without succumbing to a 9-5.

I didn’t have a mentor or a business degree when I built my project-based virtual assistant service, VA for a day.

But the biggest thing that I was missing? Community.

I know first-hand that entrepreneurship is lonely and difficult when done alone, especially for 20somethings still figuring out “adulting” at the same time.

So, I’ve created a 90-day coaching program to teach you how to start a VA business, plus an exclusive mastermind to support you too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have any special skills! Should I learn new programs to begin?

Because the goal of this program is to start your business AND land your first client in 90 days, I believe in starting where you are. One of the most unique parts of Booked Out VA is that during our very first 1:1 call, I will help you uncover what skills you currently have (even if you don’t think you have any, you do my friend!) and package them up with a bow.

Girl, I don’t have that kinda money!

Oh friend, you have no idea how much I understand. When I started my virtual assistant business, I had $56 in my bank account and needed to pay rent in 10 days. I can honestly say that the thousands of dollars I’ve spent on myself through mentorship programs, online education, step-by-step resources and conferences are some of the best investments I’ve ever made. Only you know how resourceful you are, but if you feel the tug… You can do this, love. Need to talk it out? Book a free call with me and we’ll chat!

Do I have to have a business already?

Nope! This program is for brand new entrepreneurs or those who have started already but are making less than $2k per month in their virtual assistant business. We’ll go over everything you need to know to get your business set up - yes, including taxes, EINs, and accounting!


I’m not going to tell you Booked Out VA is for everyone.

I mean, there will only be 8-14 students for a reason! It’s exclusive, supportive, and extremely high-touch.


This program is for you if…

  • You care about serving your clients well

  • You’re willing to support your fellow boss babes

  • You can find just 1 hour per week to work on your goals

  • You enjoy good ol’ fashioned girl talk

  • You have a coachable attitude

If you found yourself nodding along to these points thinking, “This sounds exactly like me!” then simply put, you’re my tribe.

We’re probs sistas-from-anotha-mista, and on our first call we’ll feel instantly connected and feel like we’ve known each other forever. At least, that’s how it felt with students in the past!

Girl, it’s time to make your decision. You can either say “yes” to 1:1 mentorship, a mastermind of like-minded ladies, and a no-fail business blueprint, or you can choose to stay underpaid, overwhelmed, and unknown while you figure it out alone.

If you feel like this is the right fit for you, instead of “one day” make today “day one” because sister, we both know you deserve to invest in your dreams. And the best part?

I promise I’ll hold your hand every step of the way.


Sign up to be notified the SECOND it re-opens in January of 2020!!

 “Kristi was fantastic and really got me thinking about the WHY behind my business and services offered. She addresses each question I had in a way that really made sense to me and offered a clear understanding of the VA business. I cannot recommend this program enough!”

-Kendra Harman