My podcast is my favorite.


I started the podcast because I feel like there's a lot of loneliness and lack of community in our 20’s… and no one is talking about it.

Coffee with Kristi is the podcast every 20something creative didn't know they needed.

Every Friday, I'm sending some love through your earbuds and kickstarting your weekend with a mix of inspiration, humor, and honesty for the 20somethings that want to live their best life.

I cover everything I think would be relevant to other millennials, from finding my footing in a new city without mom and dad, living with a boy, and even more practical knowledge like getting health insurance and how to start a business.

Most importantly though, it's about the art of adulting: designed to help 20somethings like me not feel alone as we figure out what life is like without having to write papers and take tests.

As the show evolves into a more “girl boss” vibe, I’d love to hear what you think. To reach me, send me an email!

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