VA for a day Directory

As a virtual assistant, my specialty is helping girl bosses get organized with systems so they can spend less time doing mindless administrative tasks and more time serving their clients. Fortunately, I get many inquiries for this work that I am able to keep pretty busy, but I also receive inquiries that are not “within my wheelhouse.” (One thing you’ll see when you get to know me is that I am very honest about what I’m “good” at and what I’m, well, not “good” at!).

That’s where the VA for a day Directory comes in!



The VA for a day Mentorship Program is a 30-day intensive for aspiring virtual assistants on how to get clear on their goals and offerings as a VA, create an exceptional experience for their clients, and so much more.

As their mentor, I have compiled a list of women I have personally worked with and trained that I love to refer for projects that are not “in my wheelhouse.” These are the amazing ladies listed in the VA for a day Directory.

If you are looking for a VA that is skilled, reliable, and trust-worthy, look no further than the Directory linked below!


Are you a virtual assistant that wants to be listed in the VA for a day Directory?

The Directory is limited to my students who have gone through my mentorship program, How To Be A Virtual Assistant In 30 Days. But lucky for you, it is open for enrollment and beginning April 1st, 2019!

You can read more about it below, but…

Hint: Because of the individual attention my students receive during the program, spots are limited to 10 at a time and I only have a few seats left. Hurry and click the button below to save yours!