Calling all overwhelmed boss ladies!

I believe small business owners should spend less time working IN their business, and more time ON their business.

Would you love to hire an assistant, but can't afford to add someone to your payroll? Are you afraid that there would be so much time lost training a new hire that it would just be quicker for you to do it yourself? Let me help!

Hi, I’m Kristi, and VA for a day is my project-based Virtual Assistant service. It allows you to get back to serving your clients, while I take care of the time-sucking admin tasks.

View the Menu below and find out which a la carte jobs you can take off your mile-long to do list!




My most popular service is the complete Dubsado set-up for those who have never used a Client Management System before. I will send a short questionnaire asking about your business, your Dubsado login information (or make one for you!), and a few other necessary items such as your current contracts and brand logo. Over the course of one-two days, I will customize your account using your logo and brand hex codes, create fillable online contracts based on your pre-existing templates, add the packages you offer as well as your pre-written email templates, and put up to 25 of your current clients into the system. Then when the job is completed, we will schedule a 30-minute complimentary “crash course” on how to use Dubsado for maximum efficiency.

This service starts at $350.

Professional Bio

How many times have you gone to update your website only to realize your About Me page does yourself NO justice?! You may just say, “I’ll get to it soon,” but I want you to know, the fix is SO! EASY!

For this service, I will send a short questionnaire asking what this bio will be used for, if you would prefer conversational or formal language, and a minimum of 10 bullet points about yourself that you would like included. Then over the course of one day, I will write a professional bio that showcases your strengths, captivates your audience and converts passive readers into paying clients.

One professional bio is $45.


Whether it’s a blog post, email campaign, web page or the link, us entrepreneurs always have so much copy to write and not a lot of time!

For this service, I will send a short questionnaire asking exactly what kind of copywriting you need (email, blog post, etc.), if you would prefer conversational or formal language, and a minimum of 10 bullet points that you would like included in the copy. Then over the course of one day, I will compose 350-500 words that will effectively draw your reader in and increase their engagement with your business. This is by far my most frequently-commissioned service by some of the influential girl bosses you probably know.

This service is $45 for 350-500 words.


The question I get almost daily is, “Do you help with other things that are not on your Menu?” The short answer is yes, but there is no guarantee.

The long answer is that one thing you’ll see when you get to know me is that I am very honest about what I’m “good” at and what I’m, well, not “good” at. I have certain things (organizing systems, writing, proofreading, editing) that I enjoy doing and my clients have told me that I am great at. There are other things (i.e. Pinterest, email marketing, webinars) that you would be better off finding a specialist to help you with.

The good news is that as a mentor for other VA’s, I have a list of women I have personally worked with that I love to refer for projects that are not “in my wheelhouse.” So, if you don’t see your project on the menu, send an inquiry anyway and I will happily suggest my students and colleagues!


Ready to hand over your to-do list?

I take a limited number of clients per month to ensure the highest level of attention to detail. after filling out the form below, you will be redirected to Book your free, 30-minute consultation with me.

I can’t wait to get to know you!